Wedding Services

As an ordained minister with Universal Life Church, it is one of my great joys to perform wedding services. I offer several packages to suit the needs of any bride and groom.

Basic Ceremony

In the basic package, we’ll meet twice before the wedding to discuss your ceremony’s needs, once to get an overview and a second time to make sure that everything is perfect.

With the discussions out of the way and your ceremony planned, all that will be left to do will be to get married.

Basic Ceremony with Rehearsal

This is the same package as the basic ceremony, but with a rehearsal ceremony. You’ll also have the option of a third meeting between the rehearsal and the actual wedding.

The Everything Must Be Perfect

With this package, you’ll not only get the rehearsal and the ceremony, but I’ll meet with you an unlimited number of times to discuss every little detail of your wedding ceremony.

No matter which package you choose, I’ll be more than happy to email with you as many times as you like. I’ll also drop off your signed marriage license at the courthouse on the first business day after your wedding regardless of which package that you choose.