Brooke Fletcher

Worked On

July 2014 to August 2014

How I got it done

Linux PHP phpMyAdmin Wordpress

Brooke was a trained photographer who had turned her professional attention to web development and user experience. Her web development experience was primarily focused on enterprise content management systems that were too cumbersome and expensive for a personal portfolio site. Brooke sought my advice and assistance with setting up a Wordpress site.

I helped Brooke by guiding her through the Wordpress setup and installation process. I then gave her an overview of the plugin and theme system. As Brooke worked with the site, she inevitably ran into issues specific to Wordpress that weren't addressed through her prior web development experience. When she ran into those, I provided her with guidance from my experience, as well as relevant references for her further research.

After becoming displeased with the cost of her hosting provider, Brooke asked me to manage her hosting. I migrated Brooke's site to a server that I maintain on Digital Ocean. During this process, I guided Brooke through the Wordpress migration process, as well as DNS resolution for the new server. In addition to hosting, Brooke had been managing her domain name registration through GoDaddy. While migrating her site, she wanted to take the opportunity to also transfer her domain name registration to Google. I helped Brooke with this process as well.