Dakota Solomon

Worked On

June 2013 to July 2013

How I got it done

JavaScript jQuery Linux PHP phpMyAdmin Wordpress

Dakota was a high school student on the varsity baseball team. His mother hired me to create a website where he could showcase his history, statistics, and achievements to college recruiters. 

I was the sole engineer for the site. I consulted with the client regarding the choice and registration of a domain name.I then set up the hosting for the site, installed Wordpress, and built the site. It was initially hosted on Fat Cow, but I later moved it to a server that I maintain on Digital Ocean due to compatibility issues with Fat Cow's version of PHP and updates to plugins that were used on the site. 

I built the site using the Simone theme by Morten Rand-Hendriksen as a starting point. Morten developed the theme for Lynda tutorials and, as such, it is fairly minimal and flexible. However, since the site itself had fairly simple needs, it needed little modification from the base theme. The modifications that it did require were limited to CSS changes to display photos and statistics.

After building the site, I trained the client on how to use Wordpress to manage the content on the site.