Daniel Boone Regional Library

Worked On

August 2013 to June 2015

How I got it done

Drupal JavaScript jQuery Linux PHP SQL Wordpress

DBRL maintained a number of different sites. Some were built in Drupal, others in Wordpress, and others were custom built systems that were dependent on data received from APIs. I had a hand in every one of these to some degree. This included maintaining the web server for the DBRL system.

Sign Up System

One of my biggest achievements at DBRL was the inception, design, and implementation of a system for library employees to use to sign patrons up for library events. Previously, employees had used literal sign-up sheets. This necessitated that all patrons signing up for events be routed through a single service desk. I recognized that a web based sign up system could be used from any service desk. I conferred with numerous employees throughout the design process in order to ensure that the user facing system would meet employees' needs.

Furthermore, a web based system could be automatically generated from the library's existing program database whereas paper sheets had to be manually created each week. This meant that the new system had to be connected through the existing system via an API. In addition, the back end database had to be modified to accept some additional fields required for the sign up system.

Mock Newbury Site

Each year, DBRL holds a Mock Newbery program. Children participate in the selection of a book that meets the criteria for the Newery award. Each year, the library creates a new website for the new selection of books. This website was my sole responsibility for two years. I created the site in Wordpress using a child theme based on Virtue by Kadence Themes. I then secured portions of the site to logged in users so that the kids could engage in active discussions without interference from internet trolls. 

Additional Responsibilities

In addition to these responsibilities, I shared the responsibilities of web administration with one other employee. We maintained and improved about half a dozen websites, as well as bearing the responsibility for server maintenance, backups, and updates. He and I developed a number of new features for existing sites, both independently and collaboratively. We maintained constant accessibility and communication with library employees who were the end users of our products, as well as conducting usability tests with patrons who used the libary website.