Blue Car

This was a 3x5 photo of me and my dad. The photo was grainy in addition to being small, making the painting incredibly difficult. It took me almost two years to complete, but I was incredibly pleased with the results. 

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Digital. Primarily done on a Samsung Note Pro with the AutoDesk SketchBook app. However, I tinkered with other programs as well.


One of my cats. He loves having his armpits scratched. 

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Digital. I experimented quite a bit with this one. I started out using Artflow on a Samsung Note 8.0, but finished it in AutoDesk SketchBook on a Samsung Note Pro.


This is one of my cats. She's the best. And the worst.

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Digital. Created with AutoDesk Sketchbook on a Samsung Note Pro.


My little sister absolutely loves manatees. I painted this for her for Christmas one year.

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Acrylic on canvas.


This was a project in a painting class in college. The assignment was to create a painting by pouring paint on the canvas. This was the second iteration of this assignment. The first was criticized by the professor as being too layered. My professor didn't like that he cold tell the order that the paint was poured onto the canvas, though I disagreed. However, in the interest of getting a good grade, I pushed my painting as far from that criticism as I could. This was the result, which I have been incredibly pleased with.

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Acrylic on canvas.

Applied by mixing paint with water and pouring it onto the canvas. I then manipulated the canvas to force the paint to flow in different directions.


This was my mom's cat. When she died, I knew that my mom would like to have a painting of her.

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Digital. Created with Autodesk Sketchbook on a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. 


These are my grandparents. This is the first digital painting I did.

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Digital. Because this was my first digital work, it was done on a variety of devices with several different apps. I bounced from one to the other, experimenting with each.