Over the past several months, I’ve been building up my training skillset with several of my coworkers at Shelter Insurance. This past week one of those coworkers and I put on Shelter’s first in-house two-day Agile training session. It was super fun!

There were initially a half dozen of us that went through a series of coaching and training courses put on by Agile 42. (Thanks, Dhaval, Daniel, and Richard!) Throughout those courses and afterward, the six of us put together a ton of training content to present at Shelter. We presented our content in several formats, stringing it together to fit different needs and formats. However, it was always our ultimate goal to put together two-day, immersive training sessions for new hires and current employees who are new to Agile ideas and practices. It was fantastic to see those goals reached.

This first session that we put on was, I think, I huge success. The participants were engaged throughout the session, asked good questions, and gave good feedback.

We definitely have some areas of improvement moving forward. We weren’t too sure of how much content it would take to fill two days, so we trimmed it down to what we thought was the bare minimum that our participants would need for success. We plowed through that content in a day and a half, even after taking long breaks and lunches. Now that we have a little hindsight, we can see which of those pieces of content would have been most useful to the group and can add that back in.

Most of our participants were on one team. They’re currently engaged in transitioning to Scrum and I’ll have the pleasure of coaching them through that transition. I’m looking forward to watching that evolution, as well as getting more insight into what we didn’t share with them that we could have.