I just wanted to share a quick update on my willow propagation project.

They’re growing like crazy!

You can see all kinds of little pink growths on the bottom. Those are new roots.

close up of root growth

And there are little leaves budding on almost all of them as well!

willow leaf growth

There are a few that are growing less than others, but I think they’ll come along. There are a few with no leaf growth, but I’m optimistic. I haven’t pulled them out and separated them to check that they all have root growth. I don’t want to disturb those delicate little growths. But that’s what gives me hope that the ones without leaves are just late bloomers.

These were all from a weeping willow that we have on our property. We have another willow with more upright leaf growth. I trimmed a few cuttings off of it and tried to get them going as well. It’s early days yet, but we’ll see. I’ll probably propagate a ton more, if not this year then next. As I mentioned, I’m hoping to build a living fence. I’ll need a ton of willows for that.