979 Design was a small start-up web development agency. I primarily filled two roles in this organization: Linux administrator and agile coach.

As the agile coach for the company, I helped the teams to discover better workflows. This required different approaches for different projects. Some projects were small and short-lived, requiring some initial set up, minimal help along the way, and then a transition to maintenance mode. Others were long and complex, requiring a more direct, hands-on approach throughout the life of the project.

As the Linux administrator, I set up, maintained, and backed up the servers that hosted the company’s projects, and the clients’ production websites. I also helped with deployments and migrations.


  • Introduced several people and teams to agile methodologies
  • Researched, selected, and implemented a workflow tracking tool used by the entire company.
  • Worked with the teams to establish documentation practices
  • Built and maintained all Linux servers for the company through the Digital Ocean platform